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10 Aroma Bursting Incensensations to Choose From

What you can expect

What you can expect

You have questions. We have answers

What is backflow incense?

Backflow incense is a type of burner where the smoke flows downwards like a waterfall, instead of flowing upwards.

What are some benefits of aromatherapy?

As religious practice, aromatherapy may help deepen attention and help focus on spiritual focus. Other potential incense burning benefits include increased calmness and relaxation, while also cleaning spaces.

When is the best time to use incense burners?

People believe that the best time to burn incense cones is either in the morning before you start your routine, or at night before you go to bed. However, using your waterfall backflow incense can be done anytime you want.

Are backflow incense burners safe for my pets?

Although our incense burners and backflow cones are non-toxic, it is best to keep them away from pets and children as they may pose a threat to their respiratory systems.

How long can you use a cone incense burner?

You can safely use your waterfall incense burner for around 30 minutes. Incense cones also produce more smoke compared to other incense such as sticks.

How do use incense cone waterfall?

Hold the incense cone with one hand or with tweezers. Light up the pointed end of the cone. Once you see a glowing ember, place it into the incense burner. Be sure that the hole at the bottom of the cone aligns with the hole on the holder's seat, or the incense plume will be blocked.

You have questions. We have answers

Will burning incense cones set off a smoke detector?

Cone incense does not produce enough smoke to set off smoke detectors, however, you should burn the cones away from smoke detectors or other furniture.

How do you use cone incense burners?

Hold the incense waterfall cone with one hand or with tweezers. Light up the pointed end of the incense cone. Once you see a glowing ember, place it into the waterfall burner.

Are incense sticks or cones better?

Incense cones and incense sticks provide the same benefits of aromatherapy. The only difference is that backflow incense cones give a waterfall effect since it burns downwards. Incense sticks burn “normally”, with smoke burning upwards instead of downwards.

Do incense cones purify the air?

Some studies show that incense cones may have some anti-bacterial powers. This may disinfect and purify the air, with effects lasting for 24 hours.

How long can incense cones burn?

Incense cones can burn for more or less 30 minutes before completely burning out. Incense cones produce more smoke compared to incense sticks.

Are incense cones toxic?

Incense cones are non-toxic, but best to be kept away from kids and pets.



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