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How to Safely Store Incense

Storing incense cones


Nothing is better than lighting your favourite incense and relaxing as a gorgeous aroma permeates your home. Did you know the way you store your incense can significantly affect how long it lasts and how well it burns?


Incense is delicate whether it is in stick, coreless, or cone form. It is essential to ensure your correctly store your incense. Read on to learn our top tips for storing your incense safely.

Incense can go bad

Did you know that incense can go bad? Over time you might find the scents in incense may change and even begin to smell unpleasant.


This unpleasant odour is usually due to incense's ingredients spoiling due to incorrect storage. If you notice your incense has a funky smell, throw it away. 

How long does incense last?

How long incense lasts depends on the type and quality of your incense. The key to long-lasting incense is keeping it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 

The best ways to store incense

While ideally, you can store your incense in its original packaging, you can use any airtight container as long as it allows for air circulation and easy access. There are many ways to store incense. We love:


  • Wrapping incense in a piece of paper or cloth and then putting it in an airtight box or container. 
  • Placing incense in a small airtight bag or jam jar. 


We've heard that some people like storing their incense in the freezer. While this helps keep it fresh for a long time, it's unnecessary. Whichever incense storage method you choose, ensure you store your incense somewhere cool and dark, where it won't be near heat or sunlight.

Some tips for storage incense

  • Keep your backflow incense cones in a cool, dry place. Heat and humidity, especially in Australian summer, can damage the fragrance and make the incense less effective. 
  • Ensure the incense is completely dry before you store it. If it is even slightly damp, it might go mouldy or start to smell bad.
  • Store each type of incense separately to ensure the smells don't get muddled.

Uh oh, my incense got wet!

If your incense gets wet or is exposed to moisture, it can quickly become unusable. If you've realised your incense is damp, try the following:


  • Leaving it out in a dry space for a few hours
  • Patting them dry with paper towels
  • Placing them in an airtight container with some rice (discard rice after using it).


When you're not using your Incense Waterfalls Australia backflow cones, it's critical to store them properly to keep them fresh. 

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Follow these simple tips and enjoy the wonderful smell of your incense cones for much longer!


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