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Where To Buy The Best Waterfall Incense Burners?

Waterfall backflow incense burners are exactly what its name implies - incense burners where the smoke (or plume) flows the opposite way from the normal direction of flow, that is, downward rather than upward.


With its waterfall-like design, backflow incense burners can relieve your stress, bring you calm energy, and be an eye-pleasing addition to your home. With a waterfall backflow incense burner, you can enjoy the sight of smoke going down rather than rising, imitating a waterfall.


Incense made with a waterfall backflow incense burner usually resembles a cone with a hollow tunnel running through the middle. Backflow incense also comes in long, thin sticks hollow in the centre, i.e. long tubes.


Burning incense can help in improving your mental health as it can reduce stress and energize your mood. And opting for a waterfall backflow incense burner is a great choice as it will give you the calming effect and look aesthetically pleasing. 

Best Beautiful Waterfall Incense Burner Designs

Waterfall backflow incense burners come in various designs, and you can choose whatever fancies you. Here are the top three waterfall backflow incense burner designs that will lift your spirits and elevate your home decor game simultaneously: 

1. My Incense Waterfall Burner

Source: My Incense Waterfalls - My Incense Waterfalls 


Source: My Incense Waterfalls - My Incense Waterfalls 


Discover how incense purifies the air while creating a relaxed ambience with my incense waterfall. 


The waterfall backflow incense burner is handcrafted in traditional style and is created using ceramic. 


It's a backflow incense burner, compatible with backflow incense cones. When burning an incense cone, the smoke will fall like a waterfall, and the cone emits thick clouds of smoke that look like water, creating a mesmerizing and relaxing fountain effect.


It refreshes the air, relieves anxiety, reduces fatigue, relieves stress, improves sleep quality, and inspires creativity.

2. Dragon Backflow Incense Burner 

This handmade ceramic dragon backflow incense burner with a matt finish creates exquisite artistry—smoke cascades down like a waterfall, the burner is surrounded by smoke, creating a mysterious atmosphere.


It easily creates a relaxing, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. And it's great for yoga, SPA, home, aromatherapy, meditation, writing, etc.

3. Mountain River Waterfall Incense Burner

The mountain waterfall incense burner is a creative and unique home decor that you can use with incense cones. A striking and elegant backflow incense burner made of high-quality resin is a long-lasting ornament that will bring out the charm in your house. 

Best Backflow Incense Burner In Australia

Whether you burn incense for a ceremony, meditation, or just for the pleasant smell, the perfect holder is a must-have. A well-designed incense holder will incorporate style and utility so that you can use your favourite type of incense.


A waterfall backflow incense burner is designed for incense cones, creating smoke that flows downwards. They usually feature cascading designs that direct smoke into a calming, waterfall-inspired display, which is soothing and practical at the same time.

My Incense Waterfalls

My incense waterfalls backflow burner is hands down the best backflow incense burner in Australia. Not only is this incense burner great for its aromatherapeutic benefits, but it also makes an excellent home decoration.


With its ceramic construction and artistic craftsmanship, this best backflow incense burner in Australia will create a sense of calm and relaxation in your home. 


And suppose you are looking for the best backflow incense burner in Australia. In that case, you're in luck because My Incense Waterfalls backflow incense burner is available on our website and amazon store to be shipped right at your place.

What Do Waterfall Incense Burner Cost On Average?

A good quality waterfall incense burner cost ranges from AUD 40 to AUD 150, which is about USD 30 to USD 100, but there may be an additional cost for the various incense cones you need to purchase for the incense burner.


My Incense Waterfall Burner offers you the most cost-effective deal out there; with our incense burner, you get 100 free incense cones which include all our scents to create the ultimate calm and rejuvenating environment. Grab yours right away! 

Where To Buy Fountain Or Waterfall Incense Burner?

The best place to buy an incense waterfall burner is on the My Incense Waterfalls website or Amazon store. We have the best deals on waterfall backflow incense burners in Australia.


Waterfall backflow incense burners are essential for every household. They also make a perfect gift for those you love, so now you can make your house look eye-catching and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time.


Go get yours today!