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Incense Sticks vs Incense Cones

incense sticks and cones


What’s the difference between incense sticks and incense cones? Which one is better? And which one should you use? They differ in many ways, but they both have one thing in common: they're different ways to burn natural herbs and resins. 


In this article, we'll explore the differences between incense sticks vs cones so that you can decide which form is right for your needs!

What are Incense Sticks?

Incense sticks are the most basic form of incense and are made from natural materials. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They're cylindrical in shape and can be used to burn on charcoal tablets or paper cones (called "bamboo").


Incense stick burners are usually very simple, consisting of a dish and a stick holder. They can be made out of metal or ceramic and come in various shapes and sizes. The most common type of burner is the cone shape that has been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures such as India, China, Japan, and Korea.


The design allows you to place your incense on top of it without having to use tongs or another tool like this would be necessary if you were using an incense cone instead (which we'll get into later).

What are Incense Cones?

Incense cones are much more similar to traditional incense than sticks. They're flat, circular, and about the size of a quarter, with an opening on one end for you to fill with your favorite herbs or spices. Most incense cones are made from natural materials like wood and paper; however, some can also be made from synthetic materials such as plastic or metal.


Because they're so small compared to sticks—which come in many shapes and sizes—incense cones tend to burn longer than their larger counterparts do because there's more surface area available for oxygen molecules (and therefore heat) per gram of material being burned. 


This makes them ideal for aromatherapy blends that need longer-lasting effects but still don't want something too big or bulky sitting around in your home or office space! 

When to Use Incense Sticks and Cones


Use a stick of incense if:


  • You want a mild scent that doesn't overpower mindfulness exercises.
  • You only need the smell for around 30 minutes.
  • You prefer a gradual scent release.


Use backflow cones if:


  • You want to quickly add an aromatic smell to your house.
  • Over time, you want the aroma to get stronger.
  • You want to add a visual element - the interplay of backflow incense smoke with burners is often stunning. 

Try Our Incense Waterfalls 

Incense burning has a variety of advantages, from lowering anxiety and tension to enhancing bad sleep hygiene. When getting ready for bed at night or when getting ready in the morning, lighting some incense might help you start or end your day on the right foot if you thrive on regularity.


Incense has been adored for millennia and is used in numerous customary religious and cultural rituals all throughout the world. Burners with an incense waterfall or backflow are excellent for savouring the aroma and the smoky aesthetics that incense provides.


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