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How to Use Incense as a Meditation Aid

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There are a number of tools available to assist with relaxation and meditation. For centuries, incense smoke has been used across cultures to calm the mind and induce relaxation.


Incenses come in various varieties with different scents that suit various moods.

Adding incense to your meditation practice can enhance your experience and add a little something extra.


Tips to help you meditate using incense

The Benefits Of Using Incense For Meditation

Incense comes in a wide variety of types, so you can find one that suits your needs and preferences. Using incense can help you focus and connect with your breath, which is an essential part of meditation. 


Incense is not only beneficial for meditation, but it can also create a peaceful and relaxing environment. When you first begin using incense as a meditation tool, start with a small amount and increase until you find the right balance for yourself. 


  • Gets Rid Of Negative Energies
  • Helps Ease Stress
  • Improves Concentration While Meditating
  • Helps In Improving Mindfulness
  • Bringing Back Pleasant Memories
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Deepens Concentration While Meditating.
  • Incorporates The Fire Element Into Your Rituals
  • Acts A Timer

How To Use Incense For Meditation: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Burn an incense cone, incense stick or a waterfall incense and allow it to burn for a few minutes.


Step 2: Sit down in a comfortable position and take deep breaths to relax yourself.


Step 3: Meditate as per your routine.


Step 4: Once the incense is completely burnt, finish your meditation session and come back to the real world.


Step 5: Dispose of the ash and carry on with your life in a relaxed, enlightened way!


Tips For Meditating With Incense

1. Keeping babies and young children away from incense

While incense has numerous benefits, it is not advisable for children and babies to play with fiery things. Some types of incense have also shown detrimental effects on the early development of children and a harmful impact on their respiratory health.

2. Meditate With Incense Only In A Well Ventilated Room

Poorly ventilated rooms tend to trap the smoke from incense which in excess may be harmful to some people. Therefore, it's always advised to use incense in a well-ventilated room.

3. Use Scents You Enjoy

Scents like Lavender, Chamomile and rose are known to calm you, while others like peppermint help improve your focus. Try out different kinds of scents and settle on the ones you like most to get the maximum benefits of aromatherapy.

4. Don't Overindulge

Inhaling too much smoke can have adverse effects. So stick to a few cones or sticks a day, and don't overindulge. Always remember, everything is good in moderation.

Final Thoughts 

We hope these tips help you meditate in peace and enjoy your "Me" time. If you're looking to create a spa-like sanctuary in your house, then look at our backflow waterfall incense burner that is aesthetically pleasing and offers unlimited aromatherapy benefits. Then check out our fantastic waterfall incense burner.