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How to Safely Dispose of Used Incense Cones

Disposing used incense cones


Incense cones are great for adding a bit of aromatic ambiance to your home. They provide many benefits of aromatherapy, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, as well as purifying your home with refreshing scents. 


But once they have been used, you need to dispose of them properly, lest they become a fire hazard. Here at My Incense Waterfalls, we’ve created a step-by-step list of how to safely dispose of them in your home.

Incense cones need to be properly disposed of so that they do not ignite once they are discarded into a trash can.

Incense cones can be very flammable. Because of this, you should take care to dispose of them properly..


When you are burning incense and the cone has burned down to about an inch or less in length, carefully blow out the flame on the cone. Do not attempt to extinguish a burning incense cone by using water or by using your vacuum cleaner. These methods will only cause sparks from the burning material inside the cone which will cause it to ignite again once it is placed into a trash bag or container.


Instead, place used incense cones in an oven-safe dish (such as pyrex) and allow them to cool for several hours before disposing of them all at once in your regular trash can outside your home. Never put any item made from metal into an incinerator since this could create sparks that could ignite nearby materials!

Put on thick gloves to protect your hands.

Before you start, make sure the gloves you’re wearing are thick enough to protect your hands from heat, sharp objects, and other hazards.


They should be durable enough to withstand repeated contact with hot surfaces without developing holes or tears in the material. 

Place the ashes in the ashtray.

Once the cone is cool and the ashes are white, place the ashtray on a non-flammable surface. It is recommended that you do not use wood or plastic for this task; metal is preferred. This is because some used incense cones can be made with bamboo, which contains natural oils that may cause spontaneous combustion in direct sunlight or heat.


Place your used incense ashtray out of direct sunlight and away from things like children and pets to avoid accidental poisoning or injury (in case they knock it over).

Douse the incense cone with water.

  • Douse the incense cone with water. The water will extinguish the fire and also help cool down any ash remaining on the carpet or rug.
  • Vacuum up as much of the ash and debris as possible. If there are still some small pieces of incense cone left over that won't come off by vacuuming them up, then use a broom to sweep them off into a trash bag until you have removed all traces of it from the area where it burned.

Dispose of the incense cone in your outdoor garbage can.

After disposing of your incense, you can safely throw the plastic bag away in a trash can. If you have a compost pile, it is best to not throw used cones into that either.


For safety, also line your indoor trash cans with plastic liners. Plastic liners help contain the ashes and prevent them from igniting. They also prevent the ashes from getting all over your trashcan.


The most important thing is to make sure you dispose of used incense cones in a safe and environmentally responsible way. You should always wear gloves when handling used incense cones, and never throw them into the trash can directly from their packaging. 


By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your home stays safe from any potential fires that might be caused by abandoned incense cones!