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How Often Should You Burn Incense?

A scent can trigger many responses; based on that idea, aromatherapy has several benefits–ranging from relaxation to stimulating creativity. Incense is a great medium for practising spirituality.


Sadly, not all incense is designed ethically. In some cases, the incense is made out of nefarious ingredients that may have negative repercussions. And if you're an aromatherapy fanatic like me, you would know the importance of incense and how difficult life without them can be.


So, in this blog, I have covered everything you need to know about incense, right from how often you should burn incense to how many incense sticks to burn for good luck. 

How Often Should You Burn Incense?

When I began my spiritual journey, I was extremely nervous about using incense, but now I can't imagine my life without them.


I remember googling, "how long should you burn incense?" because I was genuinely so clueless about what type of incense to use and how long I was supposed to let it burn.


Incense sticks can usually last for up to an hour, depending on their length. And, their scent can remain for up to 20 hours, depending on the size of the space and the airflow. 


When it comes to the question of how long should you burn incense - you can let an incense stick or cone burn completely (it will take about half an hour or so). And yes, if you feel stuffy, you can immediately stop burning the incense sticks or cones. We indeed reap the benefits of aromatherapy through incense but not when it makes us feel uncomfortable.


Finally, to know how often should you burn incense- It's completely okay to burn incense every day or burn them on alternative days, and it truly depends on your comfort and time. 


For instance, I practice meditation daily, and my lavender-scented incense helps me concentrate; hence, I burn it every day.


It’s important to understand how to burn incense the right way.

How To Burn Incense The Right Way 

Often, people are unaware of the right way to use incense. Several factors should be considered before kickstarting your incense-burning journey. Here's a complete list of things you need to keep in mind before burning incense: 

Can You Burn Incense In A Closed Room  

Without a doubt, incense has a positive impact on your well-being, but it still is smoke. Certain particles and vapours can be harmful in excess or in the long term. Usually, chemically derived incense can become a problem if lit in a closed, unventilated room.  



Aromatherapy Beginners often ask us - how many incense sticks should we burn per day? It’s advised that you use two or three incense sticks or cones daily if you have a well-ventilated home. Any more than that may cause a lot of smoke and make you feel uncomfortable. 


If you're burning incense in a closed room and have pets or kids at home, make sure that the incense stick is far from their reach. 


You can burn incense safely in a closed space by taking in these two considerations:

A. The Size Of Your Space

If your space is small, you will need to burn fewer sticks than someone with a larger space. If you’re burning incense only in your room, two sticks or cones a day is fine. 


Generally, if you have a larger space, like a house, then two or three sticks should be enough to feel the essence of incense in the room. However, if you own a space as big as a yoga studio, then you'll need to burn four or five sticks for the same effect.

B. The Intensity Of The Scent 

Another factor is the prominence of the scent. Daily burning of incense requires you to consider which scent you will use. Although a combination of scents might sound like a good idea, the reality might be different.


When burning incense sticks every day, it would be best to use the same family of scents for a week, then let the air clear for a day or two before changing it. Using this method will reduce the chance of two incompatible smells mixing.


If you prefer a faint reminder of incense's aroma, burn one stick a day if you live in a smaller space, and opt for two sticks if you live in a bigger space.



Burning Incense At Home

As we have established above, burning incense at home requires you to consider your space, the prominence of the smell, and other family members.


When you're burning incense at home, be mindful of using an incense holder and ensuring that the stick isn't in direct contact with airflow, a fan or an air conditioner. This is what makes backflow waterfall incense burners the most effective and safe means of using incense.


There is a minimum amount of smoke as the scent is released slowly. Its design combines eye-pleasing aesthetics and benefits of aromatherapy, which creates a calm environment. 


Using a backflow incense burner, you can see the smoke from incense fall down the burner instead of rising into the air and spreading. These are incredibly easy to use:

  • Hold The Tip Of The Incense Carefully With A Tweezer As You Light It
  • With The Cone Pointing Upward, Place It On The Burner.
  • You'll Notice Smoke Coming Out Of The Bottom Like A Waterfall After 15-30 Seconds.

And now, let the waterfall incense work its magic while you relax.

Burning Incense Outside Your House

Yes, it’s beneficial to burn incense outside the house. But there are several factors you need to be cautious about when burning incense outside the house, and these are:


Always Be Mindful Of Other People

When burning incense, consider other people in a park or on the beach. If you're not facing the smoke, others may be, and it can negatively affect them. Use scents that are not overpowering and keep a wide enough distance from other people.

Fire Hazards

Anything you burn poses a fire risk. While the chances of ashes or embers falling from the incense and igniting something are next to 0%, you should always keep water on hand to put out anything that continues to burn after it has fallen. For your safety and the environment, burn incense on an altar that catches the ash.

How Many Incense Sticks To Burn For Good Luck?

As per many Asian cultures and Feng Shui principles, it's better to light an odd number of incense sticks for luck. 


It's better to stick to one incense stick if you're burning them in a closed room or small space. If you're using incense sticks at your studio, then feel free to use three or five, depending on the space and ventilation you have. 


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So, What Are You Waiting For? Begin Your Incense Journey Now! 

So, by now, you must know how often you should burn incense cones and stick at home to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. Take a look at our backflow waterfall incense burner to safely enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.


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