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Do's and Don't Of Burning Incense


Are you fond of meditating as a soothing aroma calms you? Or do you just want your home to smell heavenly? Aside from the spiritual benefits of burning incense, there are several reasons why people like to light up incense sticks and cones regularly. 


Regardless of why you want to burn incense, you need to stay safe while handling it. And it's obvious why. Incense burns at a high temperature, so if you don't follow all burning incense rules carefully, you will risk a peril. 


So keep reading! You'll find all that you need to know about burning incense safely and the dos and don'ts you should remember.

How To Burn Incense Cones And Sticks Safely?

Incense sticks and cones can be safely lit in the following ways.


  • If you're burning an incense cone, place it on the burner, then use a matchstick or lighter to burn the thin, tapered end. Allow it to burn properly, then blow out the flame. 
  • To burn an incense stick, place it in the holder, then light its tip and wait for the flame to go out on its own. If it doesn't, blow it out in a few seconds. Be cautious that you do not end up burning too much of the stick before blowing out the flame. 

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    Now that you know how to burn incense cones and sticks, it's time to learn some dos and don'ts. Read the burning incense rules mentioned below and follow them to a T!

    The Do's of Burning Incense

    1. Put Your Incense On A Heatproof Surface

      Always put your lighted incense and the burner on a heat-proof surface to avoid a fire hazard. Shelves made of concrete or ceramic tiles don't heat up easily, so you can consider putting incense on them. 


      2. Keep The Room Ventilated

        Open your windows or turn on the ventilators before burning incense in your home. Remember, incense smoke may be harmful if concentrated, and good ventilation helps diffuse the smoke. 

        3. Be Attentive 

          Always be attentive while burning incense at home. If you have to head out, do not leave it burning. Extinguish it using some water, salt, or a thick cloth, take it out of the stand, and put it away. 

          4. Wash Your Hands

            Wash your hands thoroughly after touching incense to remove any chemicals from your hands. 

            5. Get an Ash Catcher & Dispose of Incense Properly

              If your incense stick burner does not have an ash catcher attached, buy a separate one or place the burner on a metal/ceramic plate. This way, you'll avoid the risk of hot ash burning or discoloring your surfaces. 


              You should also avoid dumping incompletely burnt incense into the trash. Besides posing a fire hazard, it can also be hazardous to the environment. 

              The Don'ts of Burning Incense

              1. Do Not Burn Incense Without A Holder

                Never burn an incense stick or cone unless you have an incense holder. There are a wide variety of holders available. So you can choose anything from a beautiful ceramic piece to a classy wooden one. And if you're looking to add some extra oomph to your space, take a look at our backflow waterfall incense burner


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                2. Incense Could Be Harmful To Asthma Patients

                  Do not burn incense at home if you have an asthma patient in the family. This is because many incense sticks and cones contain irritants that can trigger an asthma attack. 

                  3. Keep Pets And Children Away From Burning Incense

                    Never burn incense at a spot where children or pets could reach it. If they accidentally touch a burning incense, they might suffer burns. 

                    4. Refrain From Touching A Hot Burner

                    Do not touch an incense burner soon after the incense stick or cone extinguishes. The burner, especially if made of metal or uninsulated, can stay very hot for hours and hurt you. 

                    5. Do Not Sleep With Incense Burning Close By

                      Even though the best time to burn incense is in the evenings after a tiring day of work, or in the morning as soon as you wake up, make sure you do not sleep/go back to sleep with incense burning anywhere in the house. 

                      These Incense Burning Rules Will Help You Have An Enjoyable Experience 

                      Incense can impact you positively in many ways, provided that you're careful while handling it. 

                      Keep the above burning incense rules in mind before you light an incense stick/cone and enjoy its soothing aroma. Still have questions, comments, or suggestions? Comment them down below!

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