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Does Burning Incense Keep Mosquitoes Away

Irritated by those pesky mosquitoes that just don’t seem to go away? Don’t want to use another artificial repellent? Maybe it’s time to try incense. 


Incense is an excellent alternative to chemical insecticides, which help you keep your home pest-free. There are various incenses that can help you. Read on to learn more about burning incense to keep bugs away.

Does Burning Incense Keep Mosquitoes Away?


Yes, and No. While there’s no concrete evidence to support that incense is exceptionally effective as a mosquito repellent, there’s anecdotal evidence that suggests that certain kinds of incense may be able to keep mosquitoes away. 



To know more about the kinds of incense that can help repel mosquitoes and other bugs, keep reading. 

Incense That Can Potentially Keep Mosquitoes Away


As stated earlier, certain kinds of incense can keep mosquitoes away. This means that you can’t trust the incense sticks or coils lying around your home to do the job. You might have to buy specifically-scented incense for repelling mosquitoes. Check out which scents are the most effective.



Citronella naturally repels mosquitoes and is often found in mosquito repellents. Research has attested to its repellent properties, and it is even used in ointments meant to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. 


Citronella oil is derived from a species of lemongrass and has a pleasant yet intense odour. The US Environmental Protection Agency considers citronella a non-toxic septicide. 



Citronella incense cones and sticks for mosquitoes are widely available in the market. You can easily buy a pack and light it occasionally to keep your home mosquito-free.


Lavender is yet another effective incense to get rid of mosquitoes. Lavender or Lavandula angustifolia is a Mediterranean plant that grows around the year. Lavender flowers are famously a shade of purple. 



Lavender oil is a well-known and proven antifungal, antibacterial, and stress relieving agent. Incense sticks, cones, or coils scented with lavender are helpful when you want to repel mosquitoes. Some people even burn dried lavender to achieve this. But that can sometimes be too messy. 

Peppermint Oil

Prevalent all over North America and Europe, peppermint is a species of mint known for its medicinal properties. Its essential oil is used to treat various conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, etc. It is also a common culinary ingredient and adds excellent flavour to a variety of dishes. 




The peppermint plant has natural pesticides. This means it is excellent at repelling many kinds of bugs, including mosquitoes. So incense containing peppermint oil can be a great option for keeping away mosquitoes. 


Eucalyptus, a plant native to Australia, is another great mosquito repellent when used in incense. It is highly flammable and anti-microbial. Additionally, it has several health benefits too. 




Many different types of incense contain eucalyptus essential oil. And burning incense with eucalyptus might serve two purposes at once. First, it can repel mosquitoes. And second, it can help you relax and relieve stress, pain, and respiratory conditions. 


Does sandalwood incense repel mosquitoes? It absolutely can! Sandalwood oil has a strong aroma that helps keep mosquitoes away and is excellent. Incense containing sandalwood oil is, therefore, effective at repelling mosquitoes. 





This oil is derived from the wood of the Santalum tree. It is an expensive oil, and sandalwood incense can often be costly. However, its repellent properties and flowery fragrance are indeed worth it. 


Best known as a food seasoning, rosemary is a herb with several medicinal and insect repellent properties. Rosemary oil is used frequently for protecting plants against insects and also for repelling blood-sucking bugs. 




Rosemary essential oil is often used in combination with citronella or eucalyptus to make mosquito-repellent incense. When used directly as a spray, rosemary oil is proven to be an excellent repellent to mosquitoes responsible for spreading the Zika virus. In the form of incense, the effect might not be as potent, but it should still work pretty well.

Does Burning Incense Keep Bugs Away?

Yes. Certain types of incense can keep away bugs and mosquitoes. But does burning incense work on other insects and bugs? 

Keep reading to find out. 

Does Incense Keep Flies Away?

Some types of incense-like cinnamon can help you keep flies out of your home. Cinnamon incense sticks are particularly effective in this regard. A combination of citronella and cinnamon incense sticks would also do the job well. In fact, these incense sticks can even keep away dirty fruit flies.  


Does Incense Keep Roaches Away?

Trying to get rid of those filthy cockroaches hiding beneath your kitchen counter? You can light up the lavender incense stick you bought for repelling mosquitoes and call it a day. Roaches find the scent of lavender unbearable. However, remember that the effect of burning incense won’t last long and also won’t be as effective as a roach killer. 


Apart from roaches and flies, burning some types of incense can also keep away spiders, mites, ticks, and other flying insects.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Burning Mosquito-Repellent Incense

Mosquito repellent incense might contain chemicals that might act as irritants to patients of Asthma, Bronchitis, and other lung diseases. So if you have someone in the family suffering from these conditions, consider an alternative to incense for repelling mosquitoes. 

Do not burn mosquito-repellent incense overnight or in a closed space. You might think the smoke would be more effective if concentrated, but it could be a health hazard. Burning incense in a poorly ventilated room produces carbon monoxide, which is a toxic gas. That is why mosquito-repellent incense is best suited for open or slightly sheltered places like patios and balconies.


Keep Those Bugs At Bay With These Incenses 

The incense scents mentioned above can help you naturally keep away mosquitoes. But as mentioned earlier, these won’t be the most effective way to keep your home mosquito-free. 


If your space is filled with a lot of these irritating insects, you might be better suited to buying a more potent repellent. But if you’re looking for a natural, pollution-free, and pleasant-smelling option, get incense cones or sticks for mosquitoes right away. 


You can use these incense cones with our backflow incense burner.