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Does Burning Incense Affect Plants?

Burning incense in your home helps to generate a quiet and positive ambience, as well as expel or divert negative energy away from your living space. It's also a terrific way to speed up the healing process. 


However, once you're done, you'll be left with incense ash, which you'll have to clean up. One of the most commonly asked questions is if incense ash is good for plants, something we'll look into further.

Does Burning Incense Affect Your Plants?

Often people place incense sticks in their potted plants, and the ash falls on the soil. The ash directly affects soil quality, which further affects the plant you've potted in it. 


On the other hand, many store-bought incense sticks are problematic because they may contain chemicals that could adversely affect the soil and, by extension, harm your plants.



Simply said, incense is any plant-based item that is burned to give off a pleasant aroma. When you burn incense, it produces smoke, and that smoke might cause difficulties if you don't burn it properly. 


Remember to ignite your incense sticks in a well-ventilated room and place them on a heat-resistant surface with no combustible items near where the ashes could fall, such as curtains or books.


After the incense has burned, the ash left behind is unlikely to contain hazardous compounds in significant quantities. However, if you stick the incense in the same pot repeatedly, the amount of ash in the soil will increase with time, along with the toxic compounds in it.

What Can You Do With Your Incense Ash Instead?


Many people burn incense to create a peaceful, welcoming environment. Burning incense is a significant part of their meditation practise for many people. For others, it’s a way to relax and rejuvenate. 


  • If you use incense for any of these purposes, one method to use the ash is to make a candle by mixing it with soy or wax. The incense ash will retain its scent, and lighting the candle will emit a very mild scent.
  • Some individuals sprinkle ash on their carpet to extend the fragrance's life. The aroma is released after vacuuming it and using it the same way you would a commercial carpet freshener. Do know this may harm some types of carpet and rugs
  • Incense ash is traditionally placed in a bowl and holds an incense cone or cube. The cone or cube will lay on top of the ash-filled basin, making it more obvious and beautiful.

Using Incense, The Right Way

While there are multiple options for incense burners, the most practical and aesthetically pleasing one is the backflow incense burner. The smoke from this hypnotic burner flows in the opposite direction, downwards. 




A Backflow waterfall incense burner is a device that holds backflow incense cones. The smoke flows down the burner to the bottom when these cones are lit, and the ash is collected within the burner itself, protecting your plants from any adverse exposure to the ash. A few more advantages of backflow incense burner are

A. It's Easy To Use

Using a backflow incense cone is a gift for individuals who want a mesmerisingly aromatic area without much effort. It's simple to clean and refill.

B. It’s Highly Durable

These incense holders are often made of resigns or ceramic which makes them highly durable and beautiful. 

C. It’s Aesthetically Outstanding

As the dense smoke descends, it disperses brilliantly around the space, leaving a scent that can linger for a long time. 



The flowing stream of perfume emitted by these incense cones adds a classic touch of glitz to your area, which can be a source of wonder for many.

D. It Detoxifies Your Environment To Perfection

With backflow incense cones, you can purify your home and eliminate unwanted aromas and negative energy. With the way it gently diffuses its pleasant perfume in the air and revitalises your area with positivity, these incense cones tend to generate an atmosphere of positive energy from the moment they are lit.

Now You Can Burn Incense Without Any Risks To Your Plants

Backflow incense cones are more than just an aromatic substance; they are a comprehensive and refreshing experience in and of themselves. If you haven't got a backflow incense waterfall burner in Australia already, make sure you do so and feel each of these advantages seep into your life, just like the deep and soul-stirring aroma of flowing incense cones!